26 February 2017 : A newsletter of the Australian Jesuits

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Published: 12-Jul-2016

In the lead up to the 36th General Congregation of the Society of Jesus in October, we take a look at past gatherings, their curiosities and their impact on our ministry today. In this issue, we look at GC1 to GC6, including an early debate about facial hair.  

Published: 09-Dec-2014

Readers of Fr Brendan Byrne SJ's new book on the Gospel of John, Life Abounding, will find new angles from which to reflect on their favorite passages of the Gospel. These fresh understandings often come from the writer’s knowledge of the cultural world in which Jesus lived.

Published: 09-Dec-2014

Fr Richard Leonard provided entertainment and food for thought at the launch of What Are We Waiting For? Finding Meaning in Advent and Christmas, at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Hawthorn earlier this month.

Published: 11-Nov-2014

Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ writes that 25 years after six Jesuits died along with their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador, they remain inseparable from all the ordinary Salvadoreans whom they served.

Published: 11-Nov-2014

Last month's Synod on the Family attracted a great deal of media scrutiny, partly because of some of the issues that were discussed, and partly because of the openness and transparency of the discussions. A number of Jesuit commentators have weighed in on these discussions in the aftermath of the meeting.

Published: 21-Oct-2014

Podcast interviews from prominent Catholics such as Fr James Martin SJ and Fr Richard Leonard SJ are among the spirituality features on offer at Jesuit Communications' new website, PrayOnline.

Published: 21-Oct-2014

Pope Francis has closed the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family with a call to the assembled fathers for both compassion and faithfulness as they look forward to next year’s larger Ordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family.

Published: 09-Sep-2014

Province Express's special Refugee Week edition last year was awarded 'Best Feature - Multiple Authors' at the Australasian Catholic Press Association annual awards last week.

Published: 26-Aug-2014

A student whose classmates learned to embrace her autism, and another student inspired by a teacher in a wheelchair are the winners of this year's Australian Catholics Young Journalist Award.

Published: 12-Aug-2014

Everyone knows that we Jesuits have had a rocky history, writes Fr Frank Brennan SJ. Jesuits still espouse the land rights of indigenous peoples, still think it important to take seriously local cultures and spiritualities when evangelising, still educate all sorts of people, and we still get into trouble occasionally.