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Ignatian Conversations: Br Elias Mokua Nyatete SJ


In the latest of our Ignatian Conversations podcast series, communications student Cecilia Condon interviews Br Elias Mokua Nyatete SJ about the power of the media in conflict situations.


Click here to listen to the interview.


A journalist with extensive experience working for Vatican Radio and in the mainstream media in Kenya, Br Elias was also the director of the ground-breaking Radio Kwizera.


Launched in the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda, Radio Kwizera aimed to provide support to the 500,000 refugees in Burundi and Tanzania. It has continued to operate since then, providing a source of hope to many in the region.


‘When the radio started, the main reason was to help people trace each other', he says. ‘In time, it was realised that this radio station could do a lot more. There were questions of hygiene in the camps, questions of security, changes in food rationing programs, issues of people repatriating. There were a number of issues that came up, and the radio was very instrumental in ensuring these programs were supported.'


Br Elias is currently in Australia studying media and communications at the University of Melbourne, focusing specifically on the role of the media in building peace in areas of conflict.


‘I just hope that when I complete the program, I can go back to Africa and try to see what contribution I can make', he says.


Click here to listen to the interview.


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Tim Tororey


It's great to see what Elias has accomplished in communications and where he is headed. I remember when he first approached me requesting if I could assist him get a program on KBC the national station in Kenya. I gladly got him in and he went on air with a great program. Since then he has not looked back. I see that he and I will are pursuing the same goals: The role of media in peacebuilding and development. I am now in Canada and look forward to going back to Africa and contributing to this goal, together with Elias.



It is wonderful to see what Elias has accomplished and most off all dedicating him self to study communication for peace.I am greatly pleased by his patriotism and its my prayer that he achieves the best in his quest for peace in Africa. i am also looking forward to his lecturers at the university. I feel privileged to be his student; to receive from a great mind. thanks.

Rahab Mbugua


Am quite impressed by Bro. Elias its really a milestone and a breakthrough in the line of a jounalist.Kudos Elias and keep it up in deed we need more jounalist in Africa who can proffessionally keep the society in the know how in a modesty manner which would bring people more together

Lawrence Auka


Am just impressed with how Dr Elias presents himself indeed, he's using his free time to empower people. He humbles himself to interact and share with pple you wount imagn. God will help you achieve your goals in life Br.

winnie kerubo


Br.this is great job done. may God keep you safe always. glad to have interacted closely with you.a great intellect you are. keep the fire burning n mentor us as you go up.

Risper nyaore


Bro ealis you are doing good work

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