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Ignatian Conversations


In the first of our new podcast series, Ignatian Conversations, Catherine Marshall speaks to Bishop Greg O'Kelly about becoming Australia's first Jesuit bishop, and his new role in the Diocese of Port Pirie.


Click here to listen to the podcast interview.


Bishop O'Kelly is currently settling into his new role in one of Australia's largest dioceses, covering an area that extends to Uluru and covers close to 1,000 000 square kilometres of land-the size of France and Germany combined.


He says he has been transported into a full and active life, although it's not one that he had ever considered until it was given to him.


‘There are about 108 Jesuit bishops in the world', Bishop O'Kelly says. ‘It's quite unusual ... It's not really in the culture of the Jesuits to be bishops. In fact we have a vow against that sort of thing.'


Being called to accept this duty left him in internal conflict because of the Jesuit vows to avoid ‘ambitioning prelacies', and he consulted many of his companions on the course of action he should take. Bishop O'Kelly eventually accepted the role, saying the decision was ‘in God's hands'.


One of the stranger experiences Bishop O'Kelly describes is receiving a call from the Bishop of Geraldton, whose diocese stretches from the city of Geraldton on the far west of Australia, right up to the borders of Bishop O'Kelly's diocese.


The Bishop of Geraldton welcomed Bishop O'Kelly to his new role with a friendly ‘hello, neighbour', though the cities of Port Pirie and Geraldton are separated by thousands of kilometres.


Click here to listen to the podcast interview.


Article by Clementine Binks, Year 10, Star of the Sea College, Brighton, Melbourne





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